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    Friday, April 16, 2010

    A famous BB blogshop (famous ke kau) wrote a hate entry about PopMyBerry. Come on la. So you don't like PMB but that doesn't mean you can bitch about it at your blogshop. Does the existent of the shop effect your business? If it does then why not you 'hentam' all shops in Lowyat that sells Blackberry accessories.

    I do believe in freedom of speech but remember, there's a limit. Aiyo!!! I cannot tahan la people like this. Chill la. Trust me, in a few months time, there will be more shops like PMB.

    You can't always expect to be on top for the rest of your life.

    I'm actually disappointed. Why? Because I always hangout at PMB. They're nice people and their intention is just try to make BB users happy.

    P/S: You're talking about the white housing but the box label is 'Red Housing'. What's you're point la brader?

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