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    Friday, October 24, 2008
    Today at college in Cyber-yaya.

    I drove that slow to college, just to kill time.

    Sangat random, bukannya saya kenal mereka pon :b

    Yang ini pon saya tak kenal.



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    Thursday, October 23, 2008
    Last Saturday, Mesyuarat Perwakilan Putri UMNO K.Jaya.
    But before that, we went to M.A.C, Sunway around 11 A.M in our Putri uniform and left around 1++ PM. I even walked around Sumway Pyramid with that uniform, ignoring those "OMIGOSH, GILA K.G DOT COM" looks that people been giving me.
    Kenapa? Tak attractive ke? Ala dulu zaman mak/nenek kau muda-muda dulu, pakai baju kurung kot. And yet bapak/atok kau still find them attractive. Takpa saya, saya berjiwa wanita melayu sejati pada hari tu.

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    Monday, October 13, 2008

    So last Friday I did my editing assignment with my classmate. Laughing, cursing, hugging shitty bang bang. I like my new friends. Hey, I still love my old frinds too tau.
    Just to let you know, I always bring my bekal to Uni. Even my classmates, Vic and Yuga did the same thing except for that day, they forgot.

    And pictures of my classmates (not all of them laa)

    ++ Mama's fried rice with extra prawns++


    ++ Yuga & Vic++

    ++Ini muka tak boleh blah++

    ++Siew Chen++

    ++And we're done!!! With eating la++

    On my was back to the car, around 4++ I've decided to take pictures of people from back view. Why? Because they walked right infornt of my and they're slow, macam kura-kura manepous.


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    Friday, October 10, 2008
    My first class starts at 9.00AM and yes, it's too early for me. Damn it. Held in CMB 1. Snapping pictures while Mr. Eric was talking about our project. Wakakaka.

    It wasn't as pack gila babs like usual. Less then 10 people showed up.

    Stalking Session No.1 (wakakakakak)

    Yes, that's my necklace. I'm wearing a Tamagochi necklace. Yuga hate it.

    Stalking Session No.2

    After my 9.00-11.00 AM class, I had my 2 hours break. Plaza was fo fcking full with humans, I didn't managed to get anything to eat. Frustrated sungguh. Owh and today, there were lalat(s) everywhere.

    The girl in red love 'Table Hopping'. 3 table in less then 15 minutes. Crazy weyh.

    I was 7 minutes early for Asian Cinema which I'm quite impress. So there were only me, Siew Chen and Ms. Jeniffer. The others arrived 30 minutes late.

    On the way back home, around 7.00++, with massive traffic all the way from Cyber to Subang.

    Traffic gila babs on the other side of the road.

    Tomorrow would be better, I guess. Will be having editing session with Yuga and Nas after 11.00-1.00PM class.


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